Tattoo facts

July 10, 2007
  • According to merriam-webster, the word tattoo is an etymology of a dutch word “taptoe”, meaning  of earlier a rapid, rhytmic tapping.
  • In early times, it was believed if a sailor had an anchor tattoo, he had sailed the Atlantic Ocean.

Hello world!

July 9, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Expectations – what do you make of it?

June 26, 2007

Expectations. Good or bad? Does it set a higher goal that gives us a drive or does it simply bring you higher up a hill to let you tumble all the way down with disappointment?

I guess, sometimes we just need to know when to exactly set them. Where we stand in the situation when the need to expect arises or not. Expectations…they can give us hope and drive. Expectations… they can be the bane of all hope.

So, expect wisely. Use it cautiously.

We didn’t loose our balls. We just appreciate them more.

June 22, 2007

Gone are the days when me and the boys would put the pedal to the floor, jump from rooftop to rooftop, climb into people’s homes to take a piss in their garden, and whatever else that got us living dangerously.

Guess we’ve grown up and probably appreciate a little more of our life – not wanting to lose what we’ve achieved in our lives. Our life suddenly seems more important. We avoid uncalculated risks because we’re not willing to lose out. We walk away from a barfight rather than getting into it for the cheap thrill. We avoid a car race with a punkass street driver because we don’t wanna crash our shiny expensive ride. Inevitable to most of us but it’s nothing wrong in it really. To those who still live life on the edge, good on you.

Fighting the loosing battle

March 23, 2007


How often have we faced situations where we’ve resolved to giving up? Or probably the question should be, is giving up really all that bad?

I’m sure we’ve faced the David and Goliath scenario at least once in our lives. We know how the Japanese gave their lives up in their Kamikaze attempt for the love of their land. We’ve also seen soccer games with a team of 9 play against a full team of 11 and still come out victorious.  Â

Guess that’s just how it is in life…we’re sometimes faced with a loosing battle and the options start flashing in to perhaps … die trying or just save the suffering and just end it there and then. And of course, this will lead to another question – are you an optimist or a pesimist? Hmmph……never ending isn’t it? But of course as we grow wiser in life, we know how to evaluate situations, we know how to judge certain outcomes…but in love, can you? Are we able to fight a loosing battle when it comes to winning over the enemy’s queen? Left with just a sword and 2 fellow knights against a wall of archers and fireballs. Is it all that worth it? Is death so worthy of love….you wonder.Â

Would you pick it up?

March 8, 2007

What if… one day, you just couldn’t hold it any longer and just needed to go the the loo. You find a public toilet and it’s well…totally ‘shitty’ (pun intended) and i mean literally, but you just really really had to go. You just can’t hold it any longer. So now, imagine that you actually drop your 5000 dollar handphone with important numbers in it or your wallet full of cash, ID, Credit Cards and whatsoever. Yeah…you dropped it into that shithole…Would you pick it up??? Would you?

Is it better to know or not to have known at all?

December 10, 2006

Imagine this. You’re a passionate or perhaps a professional sports person. An artist perhaps. What if you just found out that your family had a line of a certain illness that could very much come down to you and effect your health state. But the thing here is…there’s a 50-50 chance of getting this illness. So you have to take a test to find out if you’re a potential sufferrer.

Question here is… is it better no know or not to know? Would you take the test to find out if you had this illness or would you ignore the test?

Let’s weigh this for a moment. If you didn’t take the test, you’d be continuing your passion/career without psychologically knowing that you’re sick. So, you’d push your level best with no limitations. But if you did take the test, there would be 2 possible outcome of course – 1. You’d be more careful with what you do as to not push yourself too much and avoid risks (what gains are there without no risks?). 2. You’d just give up hope.

So, what would it be?

Beauty Pageants

November 13, 2006

Just a thought. Why do beauty pageants allow make-up? Why isn’t it based on natural beauty instead? Are they all just too ugly to reveal their true looks? Yes, yes, winner gets endorsements and a contract by the make-up brand…but COME ON! So what if you judge them based on evening gowns, swimsuits, so called intellectual questions. We know make-up does wonders to looks. Meaning to say that these beautifully made up persons can loose if the wrong lipstick colour is used? That this Ms. World candidate might not be considered a winner because the blusher women didn’t do her job well? If so, then I say it’s about time we had a Ms. Natural Beauty World! Â


November 6, 2006

crank movie
Wanna watch a movie that’s like a crossbreed between Quentin Taratino and Guy Ritchie‘s work? Then catch this bloody awesome one – CRANK.. Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Mothman Pophercies and Biker Boyz), this movie screams with action right from the very begining. Action, sex, blood, speed!… Perfect! It was put together so well especially with stars like Jason Statham (Transporter), Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect), and Dwight Yoakam (Weeding Crashers).

The movies’s all about a guy who was poisoned and if he stop’s the rush of adrenaline in his body, he dies. So you’ll see him driving through shopping malls, having sex in the middle of Chinatown, chopping hands off, stealing a cop’s bike, etc. just to continue living to find a cure. The ending was done damn well. I haven’t seen anything like it in quite a while. Watch it! This goes to my collection of DVDs.

My rating: 9.5/10

The art of giving

November 2, 2006

Sometimes I wonder if we humans would go the extra mile just for a friend (not the sort like a good buddy-like friend). To do things unpredictable like say maybe searching over 6 dvd shops and asking around your circle of friends or your friend’s friends or friend’s of friend’s fof friends, for a movie that YOUR friend has been craving to watch. A movie that is not so easy attainable.

Well, till today, I still don’t know what drove me to do so. I’m honestly not expecting anything in return. I’m in no way expecting any obligation. I guess I just wanted to put a smile on someone. Maybe I did it because I thought it would be nice if someone had done that for me. Hmm, ‘Do to those you wish to be done unto you?’ Well, to the friend that helped me get the movie. THANK YOU.

Well, I hope that we humans remember the art of giving. Giving without expecting to receive anything at all in return. Just a deed out of good and true sincerity.Â